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Everyone dreams of living life to the fullest, but daily or nightly challenges and discomforts can sometimes hold us back. Here at Violetta, we understand this and select products specifically tailored to help get you back on track again and living your most exceptional life.

Violetta’s Core Value: Live Exceptionally!

Violetta uses only the highest-quality CBD and content ingredients on the market. Whether you’re seeking to address specific topical issues or find balance after a busy or hectic day, you can trust Violetta’s products to help you live an exceptional life.

Top-Quality Ingredients

We’re committed to sourcing all of our products using American Industrial Hemp, supporting the U.S. hemp industry. We work with hemp farms that only use organically grown, non-GMO hemp and practice sustainable harvesting.

We hold our products to the highest scrutiny, making sure the farms we partner with follow Good Manufacturing Practice standards and use organic materials whenever possible.

Tireless Research

Our hemp providers employ veteran chemists and product formulators, ensuring that only the highest-quality CBD makes it into Violetta’s products. We’re diligent about our research and development, working to become innovators in the CBD space. We work tirelessly to develop and bring products to the market that are effective, provide value and enable customers to live exceptionally.

Strict Testing

We demand test results from our suppliers. We make sure each component of every product is pure, safe and as potent as advertised. We stand behind the quality of Violetta products, and you can see the lab results for yourself on our website.

Our products are tested to guarantee that there are no dangerous bacteria or other contaminants present, and that our organic materials are pesticide free. These tests also confirm the amount of CBD and terpenes, assuring you that everything we offer is of the highest quality.

Good Manufacturing Practice Standards

Our products are sourced solely through facilities upheld to strict Good Manufacturing Practice standards that guarantee cleanliness, traceability and consistency throughout the process. Each product is made to the same top-quality standards as the last. We wouldn’t put our name on anything less.

If you happen to experience any issues with our products, these standards allow us to trace it back to the exact pieces of equipment used to make it. We go to every length to ensure you’re receiving complete satisfaction from Violetta brand products.