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At Violetta, Free Always Means Free

At Violetta, Free Always Means Free

Posted by The Violetta Company on Dec 12th 2019

Greetings from all of us here at Violetta! 

In our company, we stand by our promises whenever we claim something is "free." For example, we offer Free Shipping for all of our products to your address in the United States (we only accept orders from customers with addresses in the USA currently). Our company commitment is to make sure our U.S. shipping customers will never pay an extra dime to receive our products in the mail. This is our founders' opinion on how business should be run, so this is how we undertake our business for you our valued customers. 

Our products all are Gluten-Free. Also, some of our products are THC-Free which means there is no detectable THC in them, as tested by an independent third-party laboratory. Our current THC-Free products are Soothing Balance ISO and Fast Cooling Relief - you can see their lab analysis results, as well as the results for all of our CBD products, on the Lab Testing tab of this website. You can rest assured, whenever you review a lab test result for any batch of either of these two products, that the letters "ND" will always appear on the document wherever THC test findings are listed. That means that there were no levels detected after undertaking in-depth Liquidity Chromatography for the exact batch of the same product you hold in your hand. 

You want Free Shipping for premium THC-Free or Full Spectrum organically-grown, vegan and Gluten-Free CBD products made from hemp grown in the USA and produced under the rigorous Good Manufacturing Practice standards? You got it!

And if you also are looking for a Full Spectrum CBD product that is also legal nationwide, with minimal trace THC levels well below the Federal limit for prescription-less over-the-counter products (such as the lower quality CBD products that you may already have seen in your local supermarket), please take a look at our other three CBD product offerings as well! You will get slightly more of the hemp plant in those Full Spectrum products without any "high" or narcotic sensation. Like our THC-Free products, our Full Spectrum products similarly undergo rigorous lab testing; reports for each product batch are listed in our Lab Testing website section. And remember, like for all products we sell here, customers of our Full Spectrum items also receive Free Shipping

Free Shipping, Gluten-Free and THC-Free products... Just more ways that people can #LiveExceptionally with #ViolettaCBD :)